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Scott Dean Bloomquist By Jay Vaquer


The prolific eight time National 100 Champion Scott Bloomquist is perhaps the most domineering and successful owner-driver in the modern dirt Late Model racing era. His formidable list of racing accolades eloquently states his level of intensity and innate racing genius. Taking a more profound look, we see a true champion fulfilling his destiny in legendary ways.

Scott was born in Ft. Dodge , Iowa November 14, 1963 . His father was an airline pilot working for Air Cal in the 1980ís when a colleague invited Scottís father to a stock car race. Scottís dad liked the action and subsequently bought a racecar.

After driving a few races he decided the speed of the airplanes was more his thing and he gave the car to 17 year old Scott, who ran the first stock car race of his life in August of 1980 at The Corona Raceway in Corona, California. The following year Scott was named the 1981 Dirt Late Model Rookie of the Year in Chula Vista , California . In 1982, he won the Late Model championship with seven victories in 20 starts. The next year the Chula Vista track announced a race with a purse of $4,000 to win. Scott had seen a picture of the wedge-shaped, flat sided car Charlie Schwartz had won the Dirt Track World Championship in at Pennsboro. He talked his dad into ordering the sheet metal and other parts and Scott put the car together himself. The car was so fast, Scott lapped the field twice and easily took the 4 grand. Then his parents, Ron and Georgie, decided it was time to retire. They bought a farm in Tennessee and Ron told Scott he could not afford to sponsor his racecar anymore and wanted to sell it to recuperate his investment. His dad offered him an alternative deal. If Scott wanted to keep the racecar, he could pack up and move to the green rolling hills of eastern Tennessee and work on the farm. He could pay off the car and earn some spending cash. As Scott had just graduated high school, he decided to take the deal and moved into an airplane hanger on the farm where his dad built World War 1 planes. Scottís first race in Tennessee was at the Newport Speedway where he hit the wall qualifying and tore up his car. Now he began to pay the dues, sacrificing and saving every penny for parts to be able to race again.

His philosophy of spending all his money on improving his race equipment proved prudent as, in his first 34 starts, he had 20 wins. This pattern would continue throughout the 80ís as he averaged a 50% win ratio to events entered. His most memorable win happened in 1988 when, at 24 years old, he won his first World 100 at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg , Ohio , defeating the heavily favored Clarksville , Tenn. Native and former 1982, 83, and 85 National 100 Champion Jeff Purvis. In the beginning of the 1990ís, Hav-A-Tampa cigars began sponsoring a Late Model series sanctioned by the United Dirt Track Racing Association. Scott flourished as a winner setting new records. He became the Hav-A-Tampa Series first UDTRA millionaire and became the National Series Champion in 1994, 95, 98, and 2000. In 1995 Scott had 43 starts in the USA with 22 wins. Aside from being the 1995 UDTRA Hav-A-Tampa Late Model Series Champion, he was the winner of the Australian-American Challenge, which included various DLM races in Australia . Other wins that year were the $100,000 Dream 100 at Eldora Speedway in Ohio, the $30,000 Show-Me 100 at West Plains Motor Speedway in Missouri, the $21,000 Pittsburgher 100 at Pittsburgh Motor Speedway in Pennsylvania, the $15,000 Hommell Construction 100 at Volunteer Speedway in Bulls Gap, TENN, the$15,000 Gatorade 100 at Volunteer, and the $15,000 Hav-A-Tampa 100 at Volunteer Speedway. In 1996 he had accumulated 60 wins, which was the highest total for any driver on the circuit; the second highest total was The Chattanooga Flash, Ronnie Johnson with 18 wins. The Hav-A-Tampa people started asking Scott when he was going to move on to asphalt racing. Scott was winning so much they wanted him out of the series since a lot of racers knew they could not beat him and did not even enter the events. Scott had raced in the ARCA Super Car Series in Michigan and Atlanta, a couple of NASCAR Slim Jim All Pro races, and he won his first NASCAR Late Model Stock Car race on asphalt at Lonesome Pine International Raceway in Virginia, but his passion was racing on dirt.

Scott felt betrayed by the system, after working so hard to get where he was, and then they try to force him out of racing. Scott took some time off, did some soul searching, and began reading books about the human body, mind, and spirit. After several months he decided he would continue racing but now with a different attitude.


In 2000 he was again the UDTRA Hav-A-Tampa National Series Champion and in 2002 picked up the $100,000 UMP Summer Nationals Series Champion (his third championship), another $100,000 Dream at Eldora and his seventh National 100 title at East Alabama Motor Speedway. In 2003 he became the X-Treme Series 5 time champion and on October 5, 2003 he set a new record with his 100th X-treme Series feature win at West Virginia Motor Speedway.

23 years after that first race in California , after 1058 feature starts, on April 13, 2003 , Scott claimed his 400th total career feature win at Carolina Speedway.

At the 2002 National 100 in Phenix City , fans noticed Scott had replaced the Yin Yang symbol in the center of the zero on his racecar with anew symbol. This new symbol is a Sanskrit syllable for AUM. The symbol is the universe, all that is and could be. It does not stand for the universe, it IS the universe. It is extremely auspicious. As the cross is to Christians, the AUM is to Hindus. AUM is the basic mantra of all Sanskrit mantras and the Hindu primal sound of the universe referring to the three planes of existence- physical, astral, and casual. The part that looks like a three is the A, creation, symbolic of the waking state of consciousness. The tail hanging off that is the U, preservation, the dreaming state, and the dot above them is the M, destruction, deep sleep. There is also a fourth part, a soundless part symbolic of the state beyond these three. In Quantum Mechanics the whole universe is built of particles which contain all the information of the whole. Since any part of the whole contains the whole, a symbol like AUM can literally be the Universe. All the answers lie within us and there is no need to look beyond ourselves for the ever-changing dynamic experiences of life. Through metaphysics, Scott has found a homogenous perception of his life, dirt track racing, and winning. The records will continue to pile up for many years to come as this truly great Dirt Track racer writes history and inspiration for generations of racers to come.






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