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"The Book"
For many years there has been a rumor of a book that contains the original script of "The Devil's Triangle", an unmade film by Raul Seixas and Jay Vaquer. This is not a myth. This is a reality. Here are some samples, and, more importantly, the story of how it came to be.
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Click here to see some never before seen images of out takes from the video footage from the filming of The Devil's Triangle 1976.
     Raul Seixas came to America in 1976 where he discovered that Jay was studying cinematography at a local university. Jay had all the cameras, lights, and audio recorders at home to make a low budget film in 16mm. They decided to write a two hour film, like Elvis on acid does EASY RIDER, based on the then popular esoteric topic, The Bermuda Triangle. Jay wrote the screen treatment outlining a story which fell within the realms of feasibility for what he could actually produce, film and edit, with virtually no budget. They created adventure scenes from Columbus Georgia to the bayou swamps of Mississippi on motorcycles, and sailboats to an island in the Bermudas. Raul wrote all the dialogs pitting himself againt his most worthy adversary and nemesis, Satan. Raul, later in life, described these dialogs as the epitomy of his philosophy of life, and refered to these as the most important writings of his life. This book's release in Brazil was blocked repeatedly by the heirs to Raul's estate. But now it has become available through the internet. The book also contains over 100 unpublished photographs of Raul, Gloria, and Jay. Here are just a few, rare pages from this never before seen work.

Pages From "The Devil's Triangle"
<>Written in Portuguese<>


Nota do Autor

Excerpt from the movie-Page1
Written in Jay's handwriting

Excerpt from the movie-Page2
Written in Jay's handwriting

The same scene
Written in Raul's handwriting

The script typed and translated






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