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From Brazil page 1

Jay and Jane promote Jay's RCA LP on Flavio Cavalcante Rio 1973

Antonio (Raul Seixas driver) Gloria Seixas and Ida Vaquer

Jay and Jane on the Sugar Loaf


Jay's family at Corcovado

Jay in Rio De Janeiro 1973

Jane and Sergio Sampaio's girlfriend- you can see Sergio's arm

Jane and Djae at Rio Zoo

Raul and Jay take a plane to Raul's home in Salvador

Jay in Frieburg 1977

Jay and Jane in Brasilia 1970

Djae Sao Conrado Rio 1978

Jane,friend, Jay, Guillerme Countinho, Everaldo Ferreira

Jane,friend, Jay, Guillerme Countinho, Everaldo Ferreira

Jane and Jay press photo for RCA

Jay's band FEIN in BELEM 1970

Gilberto Gil, Mazzola, Raul Seixas at the Warner Brothers recording
session O Dia Em Que a Terra Parou

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