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Here's some shots of the band CHICAGO. I took these in a movie studio in Hollywood at the filming I talk about in my BIO.

This is Danny Serraphine sitting under the umbrella at the pool at his house in LA. Next to him is Laudir DE Oliveira, percussionist for CHICAGO, then my girlfriend ISABELLA, then the famous Brazilian composer and keyboard player Marcos Valle, and his wife ADRIANA. I took the picture.

This is FLORA PURIM and her husband AIRTO MOREIRA. flora won best jazz vocalist poll for Downbeat Magazine and Airto has won best percussionist in Playbay poll and Downbeat.


Here is Isabella in the background, then Laudir and his daughter Angela at their home in Hidden Hills California where I lived with them for a year.

This is the backyard of Laudir's house. One of Kathy's horses, Isabella, Kathy, and Angela are also in the pic.

This is Isabella in Big Sur.

Jay in New York

Jane Duboc (and Djae Vaquer coming home from school in Georgia 1976.

Jane and I playing at the Electric Toadstool in 1969.

This is Flora and Airtos' daughter.

This is me with Laudir's kids, Angela, Christian, and a friend.

Here is Laudir, Isabella, Airto and Flora eating watermelon at the Renaissance Fair in LA.

This is Laudir. In the background is his wife Kathy, daughter Angela, my girlfriend Isabella, and Flora. Guess what he' offering?

This is Airto eating and Laudir's kid, Christian.

This is Gloria (my sister), her Dad Larry, her sister Cindy, and Raul Seixas.

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