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Rebel Health-Jay Vaquer
Some acquaintances of mine complained that I crammed too much information into too small a space and they got lost reading Rebel Health. For their benefit, here is an even more condensed version of the relevant information. I hope all our Confederate compatriots will get the picture and do something about it.
We are born into a system that exploits our health for monetary gain. Our trajectory through bad health, disease, and premature death begins before the moment we pop out of our mother's womb. The system knows we will eventually succumb and pay their price. The drug companies teach the doctors which drugs to prescribe and which drugs are needed to counter these drugs. They know chlorine will cause cancer after 40 or so years of taking baths in it ( it is absorbed through the skin) and they put it in our drinking water. They know our food is grown on mineral depleted soil and you cannot eat enough to supply your body with the nutrients necessary to live a full and healthy life. Gene-spliced food looks good but seriously lacks the nutrients the real thing had thirty years ago. Everyday our bodies require 90 nutrients- 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 11 amino acids, and 3 fatty acids. I have not talked to one person that had any realistic idea of how many nutrients they get each day. If you are lacking just one major mineral, that is enough to cause disease and death. The government has known this for over 50 years but they do nothing for us since they want to exploit our sickness and keep the population trimmed. Human life cannot exist without these biological necessities- water, food and air. When the water we drink poisons us, and the food we eat fails to provide the essential nutrients, that just leaves our air. May 9, 1996 the Ledger-Enquirer, 105 Columbus residents die in one year from air pollution. When I drive down Bradley Park Drive and get a lung full of that sulfur with nitrogen oxides from Pasco Steel, I feel like I'm going to be next. Most of the industrial facilities responsible for the pollution have said that the cost of clean air would raise their costs to the public. They must have logically deduced that their profits are more important than, say, one of the four biological necessities for life on the planet earth. And since these companies provide employment and pay big taxes to the city, so what if they destroy our air, they'll find a way to bottle it and sell it for more big bucks. It sounds so futuristic that it's really hard to believe this is really happening, now. Like some space aliens wanted to destroy life on earth, "Well, humans can't survive without water, food, or air, so let's get them to poison themselves and the ignorant humans will die thinking it was fate or believe some lofty philosophical or religious rationale". There's just one problem, seems these southern Rebel dudes want to preserve human life on the planet and try to recapture earth's dwindling natural resources. Don't give in and never give up. Our children should not have to live in a hell on earth just so some can live extravagantly now. Our enemy is anyone who destroys the earth's potential to support life and anyone who destroys human life, even over a 50 year period. This is an extremely unorthodox war since the enemy is killing us by the millions, yet we have no desire to kill them, just kill what they are doing, which is, directly and indirectly, killing us.


My Rebel comrades need to wake up and do something. Start by being more concerned with your health. Get the 90 nutrients, get a water purifier, and try to get at least an air purifier for your bedroom. Then you will be battle ready and have a higher probability of being around to see the Confederates win this war. Rebel Earth Day will be commemorated at least once a month with a ban on all combustion engines. With the exception of emergency vehicles, police, and military flights, no cars, busses, trains, lawnmowers, airplanes, waverunners, ships, or fossil burning plants will be allowed to operate. So what if the wheels of big bucks stop one day a month. It is a beginning to the preservation of clean air for our planet. After all, what good is money if there's no one here to spend it? As for our mineral depleted food, the problem is, our rivers have been flood controlled to death. Before dams were built, rivers would flood our farmlands leaving rich mineral deposits in the silt. They would also change their own course and affect more land. The rivers were like living entities that naturally took care of us, but, with our smug intellectual technologies, we put them in a cage and polluted them. We have to free the rivers and divert them to our farmlands were they can do their thing, that is, after we get all the contaminants out of the water, which is paramount. If you wait for our present government to accomplish any of these tasks, Earth will appear as Mars and Venus- a ball of lifeless dirt orbiting a scorching sun. These issues have waited long enough and things are getting worse. Think about those thousands of new national and import automobiles that hit our streets each year and their impact on our environment. Look up desertification and, if you don't know who Cliff is, please don't ask me. Call the A.D.D. Hot Line at 1-800-GET-HELP.

True death begins before the moment we pop out of our mother's womb.






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