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Rock Tales 191-Jay Vaquer
A few years ago I went to New York City to visit my cousin Emanuel Moreira. He is a professional guitarist and arranger. He told me about an L.P. he just finished recording called PARAISO, which is Portuguese for paradise. The main artist was Gerry Mulligan featuring my ex-wife Jane Duboc on vocals. Emanuel told me that Gerry's wife would not give him the freedom to actualize the arrangements and they sounded real good for 1960. Gerry just went along with whatever the old lady said, she must have had the big bucks or something. So last month my kid from Brazil brought me the C.D. and told me that Gerry Mulligan was dead. I was surprised since I rely on the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer for information and they never said one word. I guess they did not see any correlation between a world renown saxophonist and Columbus, Georgia. Just like they failed to mention Antonio Carlos Jobim's death. Well, here's the Columbus connection. Dr. Paul VanderGheynst, you know the Dean at Columbus College, plays a serious trombone, yea, that guy, Jazz Band director- he used to play with Gerry Mulligan and he used to teach Jane Duboc. The Columbus connection even goes back to 1969, when I formed a rock group called FANE. In the liner notes of PARAISO Jane says in her bio that she formed a group called FANE which played Blues and Jazz in Georgia during the seventies. See there, you all thought we were just a bunch of red necks with no culture or future and now FANE goes from the Toadstool to immortality in those liner notes. You can buy the C.D. at Blockbuster in the mall but be careful when you listen because those songs have more than three chords and we don't want you to fry your brain trying to figure them out.

Rock Lesson #191- Dead bees still sting.






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