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Rock Tales #9-Jay Vaquer
While in high school at Stuttgart, Germany, I belonged to a Rock band called Shadows. We played European beat, surf music and R&B. We had some friends in the military with a weekend band called The Gamblers. One of the Gamblers was dating a German chick that was a band promoter. She had spent a lot of money to promote a concert billing the Gamblers as direct from America for this show only. The week of their big event, the U.S.Army sends the guitarist and bassist to the field. The drummer and the chick came to our high school and asked if our bassist and I would sit in for that gig. They offered us $100 each, which was cool back then, and naturally, we accepted. They picked us up the night of the gig. When we arrived at the beautiful theater in downtown Stuttgart, the German kids mobbed us for autographs. We got on stage and played the first three songs and everyone was getting off. In Shadows, with bassist Mike Anderson, I would trade off instruments on certain songs-Mike would play guitar and I'd play bass. After the third song, I took my guitar off and was handing it to Mike as he handed me the bass. As soon as I put my hand on the bass strings, I felt an electric shock and inadvertently threw the guitar at Mike. Since Mike had borrowed that guitar from a friend, he caught it and was holding both instruments. He started shaking violently and I saw an aura light up around him. As he fainted, he fell into a microphone stand and that killed all the electrical power in the theater. Everybody started screaming and running for the exits in total darkness. After a few eternal seconds a security guard came on stage with a flashlight and Mike was still out like the lights. In Germany, the power is 220 volts and our amplifiers were on reversed polarities. Mike became an integral part of a serious jolt and was taken to the hospital at Robinson Barracks. He was O.K. but the German chick lost her advertising, theater rental, and had to refund the tickets so, unfortunately, we did not get paid.

Rock lesson #9-Never get Beavis and Butthead to sub for you.






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