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Rock Tales #207-Jay Vaquer
Last month I went to check out The Shootout at the Loft. While I was there Rebecca Wright ask me to come to open mic night and jam. She told me to call her and she'd give me a good time slot. So I got my sister Gloria and my son Djae to rehearse some real music to play down there. I called Rebecca and she said we'd go on at 11:30. We packed our gear and drove down about 10:00. When we got to the door, some guy with a beard said we had to pay a cover charge to get in. I told him we were scheduled to play at 11:30 and he said that did not matter everybody had to pay. I turned to Gloria and said I can't handle the greed, let's get out of here. The cover charge was not to pay the entertainment, they were not even going to give the entertainers a free beer and the place was packed with customers buying drinks and enjoying the entertainment. I refused to go in but Gloria wanted to sing for some friends so we waited outside until they finally called us at 12:30 and the cover was lifted. We did our songs and some other people came on stage and we backed them but I could not wait to leave. I cannot support any club that treats musicians like dirt. I will not support the Loft or any of it's functions until they get a grip. I would also advise all musicians to stay away, refuse to pay the cover to play while they make money off of you on open mic night, and look for another club to hang out. It is too bad we don't have a strong Musician's Union here in Columbus to blackball the Loft because they certainly deserve it when they show disrespect towards musicians

Rock Lesson #207- Never play the sucker.






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