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Rock Tales #341-Jay Vaquer
A few years ago I was watching the Grammy Awards and Harry Connick Jr. was against George Benson with the Count Basie Big Band for best whatever. I had both C.D.s and George Benson is so far ahead of Harry musically that it's unfair to even compare them. Naturally, when they gave the award to Harry, I realized it was not who's best but a who's more popular award. Now the award has lost its value as a compensation for all the hours of work and dedication you put into your music. If by hook or by crook you make it, and you really have nothing to offer, they'll still give you the award. I never make a point to catch awards presentations since they rarely represent the highest values. When David Carson told me about the PERKY AWARDS, I thought cool, its important that we unify arts and government, even though they are inherently opposed, but a noble endeavor. During the awards at Al Whos, I saw some real musicians in the crowd and I was hopeing they were going to play. We were sitting in a area by the back bar where the soundman had forgotten to aim a speaker at us and it was hard to hear. The first real music came from the Ft. Benning band, Pyramid. The next real music came from David Ragsdale. It was too bad David did not jam with Pyramid, that would have been a real treat since all the other music performed was virtual. The virtual musicians dominated the awards. It was obviously a clear cut case of ballot stuffing syndrome. That is the way these things turn out. But it was fun, and it did unite some pretty divergent groups and establish a common identity for the good guy party animal. Start today and next year's awards will evolve. I commend David and Vicky Carson for setting a precedent and a Columbus tradition.

Rock Lesson #341-Action turns dreams into reality.






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