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Rock Tales #350-Jay Vaquer
In Rock Tale #191, I told you about my cousin in New York, Emanuel Moreira, and that he is a professional musician. By "professional" I mean he lives in Manhattan and does not have a day job. He survives solely from his guitar playing. Helen Reddy is from Australia, and in the seventies she teamed with Andrew Lloyd Webber, who wrote her first hit single, "I Don't Know How to Love Him." More top ten hits followed, including "Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)," "Angie Baby," "Delta Dawn," and "You and Me Against the World." Reddy's first number one song, and perhaps her most well-known hit, was a song she wrote herself, "I Am Woman." It won her a Grammy, and it is now considered to be the anthem for the feminist movement. Her more than a dozen top-ten hits and gold and platinum albums are proof of her international success. So what is she doing with my friends in Georgia? On May 10, 1996 she and Emanuel flew down to Tifton, GA., from New York, to give a benefit show at the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College's twenty-fifth annual Dollars For Scholars. Emanuel has been playing guitar for Helen for some time now. They have made several trips to Brazil (heard some wild stuff) and they play all over the world in venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center in New York, The Opera House in Sydney, Australia, and the London Palladium. I would have invited them to sit in at open mic night, but back then it would have cost me $10 to get us all in, and you know me- financially challenged. The next time Emanuel comes to visit, I'll try to hook something up for you to hear him play guitar, if its O.K. to hang out with my sister and whoever else is around

Rock Lesson #350-The cream rises to the top.






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