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Rock Tales #13-Jay Vaquer
When I was working with Raul Seixas in Brazil in 1976, his record company
director Roberto Menescal asked me to produce a rock LP for Raul. This
new production would be the sequel to his hit rock LP "20 Anos De Rock"
which I had arranged and played guitar on all the tracks. This new LP was
titled "Raul Rock Seixas" and Raul selected the songs and I began
arranging them. While in the studio we began experimenting with the
recording process. On past LPs there was always some producer telling me to turn my guitar amplifier down. They didn't really understand Heavy
Metal and they always tried to mic my Marshall Amp with their expensive
Neuman microphones. These mics were so sensitive that I was blowing them out and causing distortion. I would tell them to use a cheap mic but theythought I was crazy and always made me turn down. Now, as the producer, Igot to call the shots and I put Shure 58's on the Marshall and recorded
stereo rhythm tracks with the guitar. We had innovative techniques and a
killer sound happening on this new LP. Menescal had assigned an executive
producer, Sergio Carvalho, to deal with studio scheduling and hiring the
session players but he never attended the actual recording sessions and
had no idea what we were trying to do. We were close to finishing the
sessions and getting close to mixing when one of Raul's friends from
Bahia came to the studio one night. His name was Wilson Rodriques and he
was a booking agent. He though it would be great to take Raul to play in
his home town of Salvador, since he had not played there since becoming
famous as Raul Seixas. Wilson liked what we were doing in the studio and
wanted Raul to take the studio band for a two week excursion, playing
some of the smaller cities in Bahia on the way to Salvador. Raul closed
the deal with Wilson and we canceled our studio dates and told Menescal
we would finish the LP when we got back. We played the first weekend in
Minas Gerais without incident and traveled to the next town on the tour.
We arrived at the hotel at night and were to stay in this place until the
weekend when we were to play Salvador. Raul had recently bought a new red
Dodge Charger. He decided he would give the car to his Dad as a gift and
sent his aid, Antonio back to Rio to get the car. The next morning while
having coffee Raul and I noticed that across the street from the hotel
was a mountain. Raul and I always went rock climbing in Rio so we decided
that we would scale the hill after breakfast. We couldn't get anybody
else to go with us so we left about 10 in the morning. We didn't take
anything with us, like water, food, rope or weapons since we estimated
the climb would take about 3 hours. Raul would lead the way for a while
then I would lead for a while. As we got higher the vegetation would
change from tall grass and trees to thick brambles where we would crawl
on animal trails along the ground. About 4 o'clock in the afternoon we
noticed a crowd of people gathering at the hotel and they were watching
us and yelling at us. We were so far up that the people looked like ants
and we couldn't hear what they were saying. We kept climbing and we were
getting close to the end of the plant line where there were only rocks
going up to the summit. Then we noticed some kid was coming up the
mountain after us and the crowd at the hotel was getting larger. It took
the kid about an hour to reach what had taken us 5 hours to climb. The
kid told us the people were trying to warn us about large dangerous
snakes. We had been crawling on their trails and since the sun was going
down the kid was going to show us a safe way to get down the back side of
the mountain. We reached the summit just as it turned night. The hotel
was just a speck of light. The kid said there was road on the back side
but we had to cross a swamp to get to it. He suggested we run all the way
to lessen our chances of being attacked by animals. As we ran through the
swamp grass it left stickers in our legs, Raul and I both were wearing
shorts and T-shirts. the stickers burned and itched so bad I was rubbing
dirt on my legs to stop the burning. I wanted to rip my skin off but it
was pitch dark and we couldn't see where we were going so we kept running
through the watery swamp until we reached the road. The road led around
the mountain back to the hotel. We ran all the way and Raul gave the kid
about $20 because he really saved us. When we got to the hotel, one of
Wilson's associates was waiting to take us to a nearby radio station and
then to a whore house, where I was treated to the best sex I have ever
had. The next morning we drove to the next town where we played a show
that night. After the show, Antonio arrived with the Dodge Charger. Raul
insisted that leave for Salvador right then. Robson, the drummer, Alvaro,
the bassplayer, Antonio and me got into the car and Raul drove. It was
the scariest trip I have ever been on. Raul was drinking vodka and flying
low down those country roads just missing cows and other animals on the
road. After the terrorizing trip we arrived in Salvador just as the sun
came up. We went to the hotel where Wilson had made reservations. It was
the Bahia Hotel were other prominent artists like Caetano and Gilberto
Gil stayed while in town. Raul decided that it was not the best hotel in
town and insisted we all get back in the car and drive to the Praia
Hotel- which was brand new. When we got there Raul got the Presidential
suites on the top floor. One room for me and Raul and the other room for
the rest of the guys. After we got into our rooms Raul decided to go see
his parents and give his father the car. I was exhausted and told Raul I
wanted to sleep and I would go see his parents later. About two hours
later there was a knock on my door. I got up and it was Robson. He was
hysterical and said Raul was in the hospital. He said Raul had given the
car to his Dad and after having coffee decided to go back to the hotel
and sleep. He was sitting at a red light when some people at a bus stop
noticed it was Raul and they stared shouting and waving at him. Raul
tried to impress them and when the light turned green he floored the
accelerator and lit up the back tires. The car got out of control and
slammed into a light post. Some guy was leaning on the post and when the
car hit he went flying in the air. The car was totaled out, noone in the
car was hurt but the guy leaning on the light post had a broken arm. The
police came and called a tow truck for the destroyed car and an ambulance
for the victim. Raul rode to the hospital in the ambulance. I told Robson
there was nothing I could do and to go away and let me sleep. About an
hour later there was another knock at my door. This time it was Alvaro.
He said I had to see this and to come into the front room. I was standing
in the doorway in my underwear and I saw Robson rolling on the floor
laughing pointing at the window. I looked at the window and there was
Wilson, in a coat and tie with his pecker in his hand jacking off like
hell looking at the girls in bikinis at the pool under our window. Then
Alvaro was rolling on the floor laughing when the door opened and it was
Raul just getting back from the hospital where he signed the guy's cast
to keep him from being sued. Raul looked at the scene and walked over to
the refrigerator, got out a beer without saying a word. Then Raul kicked
the door clean off the little refrigerator, picked it up and threw it
into the full length mirror on the wall shattering it into a thousand
pieces. I went back into my room and closed the door and tried to go back
to sleep while Raul destroyed the room. Another hour passed and there was
another knock on my door. This time it was Antonio, he said the manager
of the hotel was throwing us out and we had to leave. since Raul had
destroyed the room. We stayed in different places. We played the shows,
which were sold out and they came off pretty good both Friday and
Saturday nights. On Sunday, Antonio, Robson, and Alvaro got on a bus back
to Rio. I stayed with Raul until Monday when we paid off the hotel which
sustained close to $10,000 in damages and we caught a plane back to Rio,
with no money for our 2 week tour. When we got back we found out that
Menescal was worried that we would not finish the Rock LP, and he knew
Raul was about to sign a new contract with Warner so he had Sergio
Carvalho mix the master tape and send it off to get pressed. I was really
upset since we had no finished the project. Then when I heard the LP-
which has my name on it as Producer I was really ticked off. Sergio had
used Raul's scratch vocal tracks, had left solos out, one track, Lucille,
was supposed to have another drum track playing a snare on 2 and 4 which
without it had no groove. The record was ruined. I don't know where
people came up with the story that this LP was thrown together using left
over tracks from previous sessions but that is absolutely NOT the truth.
And that is what several sources say about this LP which was recently
released on CD.
Rock Lesson #13- If you tell a lie long enough it almost becomes the





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