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Red Alert - America in Peril-Jay Vaquer
A few years ago, during a Hispanic Cultural celebration at Columbus State University, Latinos from several different countries demonstrated their traditional culture through apparel, music, dance, and culinary delights.
An amicable Hispanic Ph.D. from CSU gave a speech and showed a
demographic map of the United States. It represented Hispanics as brown dots, African-Americans as black dots, and white Americans as white dots.
The brown dots totally filled the southern states from cost to coast. A
small band of black dots lined the eastern mid-section and, an even
smaller band of white dots was stretched across the northern states. He said it was a proportionally accurate projection of the American
population within this century. At the time, the relevance of this social
change and how it applies to our American culture was not readily
evident. However, with the release of the 2000 Census reports, the
reality of this overwhelming Hispanic invasion, signaling the end of
American culture, became more than abundantly clear. American Veterans who gave their lives for the preservation of America will roll over in their graves to discover our Federal government is giving our country to a foreign power without firing a single shot, proposing a single piece of legislation, or even uttering a whimper. As if Americans are experiencing a form of collective denial, no one speaks about it. The inevitable, certain, and swift demise of America is not even a public issue. Perhaps the discussion of our dissolution is "politically incorrect" or violates the rights of Hispanics, some of whom who are loyal Americans and have no organized agenda to conquer the USA and pose no direct threat to freedom or democracy. The issue becomes quite inextricable as 'Hispanic' is an ethnicity and Hispanic people can be of any race. However, the fact remains, Hispanics are changing the core of America and, consequently, the American way of life, our customs and traditions are becoming extinct. While black and white Americans are distracted by the Chinese and at home with racial issues like the Confederate flag, unknowingly they are both in the same boat and sinking fast, becoming the smallest
minorities in America. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. never dreamed that
after fighting so hard to achieve equal rights in American, blacks would
once again be sent back to the back of the bus. Only this time the very
back seats will be occupied by the white Americans, who are rapidly
becoming one of the smallest minorities in America. Jesse Jackson is
aware of the already problematic black/ Hispanic relationship and is
stressing unity with Hispanics through his Rainbow / Push Coalition to
promote business partnerships with Latino Initiatives. Wealthy black
businessmen will co-exist peacefully with the Latinos but because of the disparity in population growth, their efforts will have marginal
repercussions for the majority of blacks, even though the black minority
will be larger and more powerful than the smaller white minority. Both
black and white Americans will be vastly out numbered by the Hispanics, who grew nationally 58% from 22.4 million in 1990 to 35.3 million in 2000 and show no signs of slowing down. The Hispanics are now equal in numbers to America's black population. In California, where the largest growth rate occurred, the Latinos pushed the whites out of the majority for the first time and wasted no time in electing the first ever Latino mayor for Los Angeles. Hispanics using our own fundamental principles of democracy will subjugate us. In our society where the majority rules and the judicial system is equal for all, Hispanics will dominate. They are already firmly implanted prolifically in several states and are rapidly taking over the USA. In Alabama, whose Hispanic population more than tripled in the last decade, a Mexican immigrant, Martha Sandoval, sued the state to let her take the drivers license exam in Spanish and won her challenge. In Georgia, whose Latino population increased 120% last decade, illegal immigrants sued to overturn a state law prohibiting them from acquiring a drivers license. With Latinos filling the societal roles
in government positions, police, military, and education, the inevitable
conclusion of this take over is the use of their majority vote count to
enact Latino laws. Since Latinos are Spanish speaking they will
inevitably vote Spanish as the National language in the USA. They may not go as far as the Taliban in Afghanistan and destroy Mount Rushmore or the Washington monument but since they will control the voting process they can do as they will. Traditionally democracy has been one of the greatest strengths of America and now, ironically , it has become our Achilles heel. We can expect to see Latino holidays becoming national holidays, instead of celebrating the 4th of July, we will celebrate the 5th of May. They may even decide to replace our national flag with one of their own. Simply by overpopulating they will inherit America's military power and become the strongest world power. When the great majority of Americans
finally realize what is happening, they will most likely create white and
black resistance rebels fighting together under some pro-American
Confederate flag in futile attempts to preserve our dwindling culture. If
the Federal government makes no immediate effort to protect our American customs, and the State governments are turncoats like Georgia's, taking that Confederate flag down right when whites and blacks need it the most, then it will be up to America's private citizens to act and the true meaning of the Confederate flag becomes obvious. Georgia could impose population restrictions like birth control or establishing a quota for residency in the state to control the Hispanic population explosion and hopefully other states will follow suit. If the Federal government continues to ignore the facts and the logical conclusion of these current events, we will all take a back seat and watch the Hispanics rule our country. The American culture is in a death grip and with continued public apathy, ignorance and / or indifference, the greatest civilization on earth is about to fall.





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