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Press Scandal

The most recent controversy in the press, involving Jay Vaquer, deals with a woman who calls herself Kika Seixas. She had a child by Raul Seixas, but was never married to him. Her real name is Angela Costa. Raul was only married twice. His first wife Edith Wisner, and second wife Gloria Vaquer, Jay's sister, were both Americans. These "only" two wives returned to America after separating from Raul, and are currently still residing here. Angela Costa's ( Kika) daughter, by Raul, is heir to 1/3 of Raul's estate, making Angela (Kika) temporary administrator until the child is 18 years of age. She claims her company, "Kika Seixas Producoes Artisticas Ltda", exists to promote, and maintain, the works of Raul Seixas, but in reality, her main concern is her own personal bank account.
In 1998, an article released in O Globo Newspaper, two sides of the on-going controversy was told. Jay, Raul's guitar player, co-producer, musical director, and co-writer, of 9 years, ex-brother-in-law, and friend of 20 years, stated in this article that Angela (Kika) prevented the release of his CD in Brazil. Her response was "Vaquer's material was refused by the Brazilian Record companies because it had no quality". This email, to Jay, from Rick Bonadio, President of Virgin-EMI Records of Brazil, and one of the country's top record producers, proves just the opposite. The only question of Jay's musical quality came from Angela (Kika), herself. Suddenly a woman, who's only talent to date is the over-achievement in the conception of illegitimate children, thrusts herself onto the public as a music critic.
The second part in the on-going controversy deals with the long-rumored book, "The Devil's Triangle", written by Jay Vaquer and Raul Seixas in 1976. In this same article, Angela (Kika) alleges the book was never released because the publisher didn't like it. Once again, here is the real story. The following fax from Martin Claret states that "The book was an excellent work with very much potential", and was signed by Martin Claret himself, in December, 1995.
The following evidence, a copy of the letter faxed to Martin Claret, once again shows Angela's (Kika's) deceit to Raul's loyal fans. She threatens Martin Claret with a lawsuit if she is not allowed to decide the terms of the contract. Maybe she can hire Bobby Cochran to twist these concrete facts into a lie, but here's the evidence, you be the judge.






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